RSP: Rm99

PACK SIZE: (28 Sachets)/(2g per sachet)


Passion Fruit Powder (IPRONA) (ITALY)

Lutien (SPAIN) (Floraglo®) – 20mg

Astaxanthin (JAPAN) (Astabio®) – 10mg

Zeaxanthin (USA) (ZeaONETM) – 2mg

Acerola Cherry Extract (FRANCE) (Naturex) – 250mg

Flaxseed Oil Powder (USA) – 200mg

Pine Bark Extract (FRANCE) (Pycnogenol®) -200mg

Lycopene Extract (USA)

*O2 Premix (USA)

Vitamin C  (USA) (PureWay C ®)

TASTE: Passion Fruit

Directions/ Dosage:

Direct consume 1 sachet or Mix 1 sachet into a glass of 100ml warm or cold water, stir well and drink.

Take 1 to 2 sachet (s) daily.


Duoleaf Viziane Trans (L)

Product Features

Eye care food supplement

Formulated with 10 ingredients

FloraGLO® Lutein from Spain

Plant-based, suitable for vegetarian

Individually packaged, easy to carry


Lutien (SPAIN) (Floraglo®)

Lutein is a carotenoid, with high antioxidant properties, beneficial for eye health.

A natural ingredient obtained from Spain, scientifically proven to protect our eyes from blue light.

Backed by over 25 years of research, one of the most trusted lutein brands, number one researched lutein brand worldwide.

Extracted from marigold flowers, providing the same absorbable form of lutein found in common foods.


Why choose FloraGLO® Lutein?

  1. The Most Studied Brand – Proven in over 100 human clinical trials.
  1. Trusted by Doctors – Over 25 years of proven safety.
  1. The Blue Light Brand – Supported by a patent showing how lutein filters blue light.
  1. Safe for Babies – Clinically proven safe for use in infant nutrition.


Actilease® Microencapsulation Technology

Produces small particles of lutein within a readily dissolvable matrix that is capable of being compressed into product forms without significant degradation.

Increases solubility and retention rates of lutein (by about 15–50% when compared to that of free lutein), as well as its stability against heat, light, and oxygen.


Suitable For

Children to elders

Pregnant and breastfeeding

Those who spend long hours on digital devices

Family history of eye conditions

Dry eyes

Fatigue eyes

Red and swollen eyes





Diabetic retinopathy

Color blindness