Oralia Oral Spray

Pack Size: 30ml


  • Kids (age 2-12): 1 Spray x3 times daily
  • Adults (age 12+ and above): 2 Sprays x3 times daily

Manufactured in Italy

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Oralia Oral Spray

Oralia Oral Spray is specially formulated and manufactured  from Italy.

Oralia Oral Spray is an adjuvant medical device that maintains the hygiene of the oral cavity and throat.

It has a refreshing taste in addition to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties targeted for people with sore throat.

Effective in states of irritation and redness of gingival and orppharyngeal mucous membranes.


How To Use?

  1. Move the dispenser horizontally and place it at the location of application
  2. Press the head of the nozzle to release a predated and nebulized quantity of solution
  3. After use, Rinse throughly the dispenser